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I empower parents to consciously enhance connection with their children and with themselves through a science-led approach

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As a parent are you:

  • Aspiring for smoother family dynamics where there is less shouting?

  • Wondering what it will take for your children to listen?

  • Wanting to plant seeds for life-long self-esteem, confidence and resilience?

  • Mindful about the rise in psychological problems in children and adolescents?


  • Worried about how screens and social media might impact your children?

  • Aware that as parents, we are uniquely placed to create a powerful space for developing essential emotional life skills?


  • Committed to helping your children grow compassionate minds, free from discrimination of any kind, including  unconscious racial bias?


  • Dedicated to ensuring your children grow up to be respectful, empathic, and competent in applying essential boundaries, where 'No Means No?'


  • Wanting to nurture a relationship with your child characterised by trust, and authentic respectful connection


Using scientific insights, I provide Brain-Based Connection® Coaching programmes for parents which are designed to:

  • Enhance connection with their children


  • Boost resilience and emotional intelligence in their children


  • Improve emotional well-being for children and parents 


  • Empower family dynamics where family life becomes fertile ground for learning life-long emotional skills

  • Help parents to embed compassion, empathy and kindness within their children


  • Enable parents to nurture open, non-judgemental attitudes in their children, and cultivate a psychology that does not align in any way with unconscious racial bias or discrimination of any kind

Dr Gauri Seth

“If you want to understand how to connect with your children, speak to Gauri”

Simon Lazenby Sky Sports Presenter, Father of two


An approach developed from experience

I am Dr Gauri Seth, parent and family wellness expert. I bring science to parents to support a connected childhood for life-long emotional well-being and sustainable mental health.  

With years of clinical experience working with adults in psychiatry and psychotherapy, it is deeply clear that childhood matters.  I’m on a mission to change the parenting paradigm where conscious connection is paramount, and society cherishes this as a route to sustainable mental health. 

​​I firmly believe that consciously connected family dynamics are transformative to parenting. 

This is not the place for judgement,  but support, togetherness, and problem solving.  I support parents to make sure that whatever our circumstances, whether we work full-time, part-time or are full-time parents, that we are provided with the tools, support and know-how to maintain emotional attunement with our children, so that we can provide our children with an illuminate magical tool box for the rest of their lives. 


A tool box of emotional skills. 


A tool box of resilience. 


A toolbox for emotional regulation.


A tool box which means our children know deeply in all layers of their consciousness, that they matter, and that they are loved for who they are.  No matter what.  


A tool box that will empower children to develop skills to protect their wellbeing for the rest of their lives.


Let's make multi-generational impact for sustainable emotional health

The pandemic and lockdowns have been tough.  Families are struggling.  Equally, the unplanned opportunity for family connection has served as an unprecedented chance for us as parents to become an emotional coach: using day to day opportunities to teach our children essential life skills of emotional intelligence, so it naturally becomes their way of thinking and relating with others. 


​I want to share what I've learned from having three children, a very busy husband, and the fortune of a wealth of experience working in psychiatry and psychotherapy, with other parents who might be struggling to effectively promote the family dynamics that they truly want and stand for.

I will work with you through coaching.  This is not counselling, psychotherapy, or medical consulting.

Dr Gauri Seth

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"My session with Dr Gauri was spectacular. There was so much genuine care and empathy, I felt I was in the company of a friend from the first moment. Clarity & acceptance were my gifts from this work. I highly recommend Dr Gauri as she has a wealth of knowledge and insights - but the wisdom to apply it to you in a way that profound shifts can be made quickly."

Liz Baitson  Commercial Financer (Preneur Capital) | Founder | High Net Connect - High-Level Networking | Co-Founder of Prosperity Group Global & SPL Intl - Providing Services to HNWI/UNWI


Brain-Based Coaching

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 "The Parent-Child Connection is the  Most Powerful Mental Health Intervention Known to Mankind"

Dr Bessel van der Kolk

Family therapy findings featured by World Health                                           Organisation

Family Therapy Findings Published by WHO

Dr Gauri Seth MBChB BSc (Hons) MRCPsych PG CERT CCP

I Bring Science to Parents

I'm an experienced coaching professional and mother of three children, who can help transform important dynamics through conscious connection.  I have packaged my insights from my clinical and academic experience, and pioneered my very own Brain Based Connection® Method, which is now a coaching programme loaded with scientific evidence-based insights.



Stickfest: Award-Winning International Talent Search and Consultancy 2020
Stickfest: Award-Winning International Talent Search and Consultancy 2020

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A charity on a mission to improve mental health awareness

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