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“Gauri used her wealth of experience to draw the best out of me. I felt completely listened to and valued and she skill-fully was able to help me find the resources I needed from within myself. She also wove in helpful parenting techniques that I was able to introduce and that have been really helpful. I felt empowered by our coaching time together!”

Dr EmilyMother of two boys aged 5 and 8, General Practitioner in Cornwall

“Parent coaching with Gauri was both insightful and reassuring.  It was helpful to understand the fundamental key needs of my child and to discuss how I am fulfilling them; identifying both the areas where I am confident I am doing a good job and also those areas perhaps where I could do with some support or encouragement to improve.  Gauri was calm, attentive and easy to talk to.  She listened and asked pertinent questions that helped me to find my own solutions.  I have come away feeling more confident in how I am parenting, with some set goals to work on and some homework!  I would certainly recommend Gauri to any parent that is keen to discuss their approach to parenting and any concerns they may have.”

Tammy, Mother of 16 Month old Girl, in Wimbledon

“Gauri Seth is absolutely wonderful. She listens, cares, walks me through step by step improvement, and provides comforting and sound advice and solutions.  At the end of the session I felt heard, connected and positive. The session helped in building up more confidence to deal with life issues. Thank you”​​

PriyaMother of 13 month old Boy, Barrister and Solicitor in Alberta Canada

"I had a parent coaching session with Gauri and it was fantastic. It helped me to explore how I interact with my son and reflect on my feelings. We created achievable and focused goals to work towards. After only one session I have implemented techniques from the coaching  and can see definite progress in connection with my son.  I would definitely recommend these sessions."

Dr KarenMother of 18 month old Boy, Obstetrics and Gynaecology Surgeon in London


"I found my session with Gauri to be hugely helpful and beneficial. It was well-structured, evidence-based and informative, but also flexible enough to allow me to focus on the areas of most relevance to me and my daughter. Gauri was great at explaining the psychology behind why children react in the ways that they do, whilst also demonstrating great empathy and humour.


Since speaking to Gauri I have been more aware of how I interact with my daughter, particularly in situations where I have to say "no". I am more careful to ensure that she feels loved and supported even when my husband and I have to deliver difficult messages to her, and I have noticed that she responds better to us than previously - there are fewer tantrums! We are also consciously making an effort to ensure that, even if we do not manage to spend a lot of time with her on days when we are both working, the time that we do have with her is quality time for us all. This means that we feel more comfortable as working parents - there is not as much parental guilt!


I would definitely recommend Gauri as a coach. Since speaking to her, I feel much more confident as a parent, and more aware of how I can further build my relationship with my daughter."

Rhiannon Lecky, Mother of 13 month old Girl, Solicitor in London


My coaching session with Dr Gauri was fantastic. I felt that she really understood me and that she could relate to me, being a mother herself. It was helpful when she was able to share a slideshow and explain how the child's brain is developed. This gave me a better understanding of how my son was able to process information and deal with certain situations and that it was important that I co-regulate his emotions. Her ideas to recap tricky situations with my son by telling him a 3rd person story was helpful in that it gave me another tool to help to explain boundaries in a fun way that he would understand. She also introduced “colour zones” of emotions into our family where we name an emotion to colour to be able to better express ourselves. We are excited to see how this plays out. Since having my session with Gauri I have become more confident in my parenting. I am able to better understand how I need to support my son in dealing with big emotions and being able to better communicate and understand. Our relationship has started to become stronger as we are starting to be able to discuss deeper thoughts and feelings. I would definitely recommend coaching sessions with Dr Gauri! 


Megan, mother of two in Wimbledon

 Parents of two, Wimbledon

"Like many families during the lockdown the kids were struggling without being able to see their friends and there were a lot of tantrums and tears. Gauri helped us understand how to better connect with them and diffuse their frustrations with some simple techniques. She helped us understand how they process their feelings differently from adults and gave us some really useful pointers on how to manage stressful situations as a family. It changed the way we thought about talking to them and has made a huge difference when trying to keep the peace on a daily basis! We would highly recommend her to anyone as the advice she gave applies to all families if you want to grow your relationship with your children in as positively a way as possible.”

"It was great to have the time to explore various aspects of parenting with Gauri. Her insight into children’s behavioural patterns was a great help. I enjoyed having the space to talk through options & set goals in our session together. Since the session I have approached the different parenting styles of our nanny from a new perspective. Knowing Gauri's background and the firm research basis for her suggestions helped me to feel relaxed and well supported. How we all parent is such a personal choice, Gauri took the time to listen to my concerns and was non-judgemental in her feedback, basing her suggestions on the latest clinical research."

Mother of two preschool children, PhD psychology, London

"Caring, intuitive, receptive. Gauri puts you immediately at ease and really listens. Helping to identify goals and aspirations you have for family life that perhaps you weren't even fully aware of yourself.  As well as the emotional guidance and advice Gauri's medical knowledge and understanding of the science behind a child's mental development really helped me to better understand my children, and perhaps why sometimes my four year old has a colossal meltdown over what can seem trivial to me!  I now have the understanding as to why this can happen and the tools I need to approach these moments - to be the calm that meets their storm. I left the session feeling energised, positive and excited to introduce some new routines to our family life.  Now a few weeks in these have enabled us to connect and communicate better as a family. I can honestly say I found working Gauri invaluable to our family and couldn't recommend her more.  Gauri's kindness and warmth of character combined with her medical expertises make her a natural family coach."

Bobbie Hughes, Mother of two, Wimbledon


“Parent coaching with Gauri was a refreshing change to all the parenting books, school talks and therapy I have tried in the past because rather than telling me what to do from a formula she helped me understand why things were going wrong in the first place and how to create my own solutions to my family’s issues myself. Gauri listened and made me feel heard while skilfully adapting her tools to the specific challenges I brought to her.
Since implementing the tools from our session I have noticed significant improvements in my connection with the children due to incorporating listening, empathy and understanding into our daily lives which reduces friction and calms the atmosphere. 
Gauri has packaged years of psychiatry and psychotherapy training into an incredibly helpful and relevant coaching programme for Parents. The science and evidence base to the coaching is so assuring and I would definitely recommend coaching with Gauri.”

Amy, Mother of three, Wimbledon

“Gauri’s scientific approach, teamed with her compassion and understanding, resulted in an extremely informative and valuable coaching session. Her strong educational background and vast experience in the field was evident and reassuring. Her direct but non-judgemental manner made hard topics easier to address. Reliably astute observations allowed me to really stop and consider my perspectives in a way I hadn't before. Gauri’s own experiences as a mother of three gave me confidence in her ability to empathise and she brought with her real examples of her own experiences that were valuable and applicable. She has a very positive and optimistic outlook and is encouraging and solutions focussed. I would highly recommend any parent to speak with Gauri.”

Marie, Mother of two boys aged 3 and 6

“I am a sceptic when it comes to seeking answers from books and professionals in regards to my family matters. This archaic view may be rooted in my traditional Georgian upbringing. I cannot stress enough how in the space of an hour, Dr Gauri flipped this preconception of mine out the window and with utmost professionalism, generosity of spirit, warmth and understanding helped me focus my thoughts and concerns whilst offering practical, science based solutions. The only problem now is that I want to have this sounding board in my life regularly!”

Mother of two boys aged 6 and 7


“Give yourself a treat to a life changing experience with Dr Gauri Verma Seth."

Nike, Mother of three, Wimbledon

​"My appointment with Dr Seth was an amazing opportunity to explore my feelings around becoming a mum for the first time. By facilitating a conversation about my feelings, and combining it with science, Dr Seth helped me to better understand some of the anxieties and frustrations I have experienced in the last few months. Dr Seth shared some information about childhood needs which was insightful and has been something I have internally referred to many times since our appointment.

Dr Seth is extremely knowlegeable, and her profound understanding behind the scientific aspects of becoming a parent is supported by empathy and reassurance that she is also a mum. 

I really enjoyed my coaching session, profoundly benefitted from it and would recommend an appointment with Dr Seth to other parents."

Mother of 8 month old Boy, Deputy Head Teacher, London


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