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Connection Coaching for Busy Working Parents

Enhancing connection with children for busy Parents

Parents in demanding careers face a unique set of challenges.


The Brain-Based Connection® programme will empower parents to thrive due to consciously connected dynamics with themselves, and their children. 

The programme will tackle “parent guilt” head on, by drawing on relevant concepts from science and psychotherapy to help busy parents boost their connection with their children and families.


This programme will cover the following topics and more:


  • Self-care as a vehicle to enhanced co-regulation and connection with children

  • Concepts from Emotional Intelligence to enhance day to day dynamics

  • How to train your childcare network, to apply your chosen values related to emotional intelligence, every single day, when you're not there


" Gauri is warm, attentive, and vibrates very positive energy. My session with her was bliss, I have been enlightened. I would highly recommend her to any parent."

Živile Sanders, Mother of 7 year old girl, Yoga teacher, Wimbledon 

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