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The Master Series

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Thank you to all at The Master Series, University of Oxford.

Lucky to have learnt so much from those who inspire - thank you Bessel van der Kolk Deb Dana Stephen W. Porges Peter A Levine and many many more for your talks.

It is so encouraging to see and feel the energy and excitement for an integrated connected approach to mental health, trauma and its healing.

My main one nugget I’ve taken away, which came from Bessel van der Kolk: encourage more use of the language of Co-Regulation, Connection, Autonomic resilience.

I was so grateful to be on a panel on child and adolescent mental health with Fiona Yassin Jon Goldin Heather Hayes. M.Ed., LPC, CAI and Daphna Lender where we talked about possible reasons for increasing referrals to mental health services in our young people, and what we can do about it.

We covered:

Co-regulation: the importance of supporting multi-tasking parents/ care givers and our wonderful teachers.

The clear and urgent need for social media regulation for young people.

The importance of working with both the parent/ caregivers and the child.

The power of multiple modalities in helping express and heal inner emotional pain including cooking art exercise nature.

The importance of using inclusive language so everyone feels heard.

Thanks Araminta Jonsson and Benjamin Fry and thank you to the sponsors - so grateful - it was marvellous! x

Brain-Based Connection®

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